New Data Acquisition Wizard of the famous software WSxM.

This new versions of the famous software WSxM heads into fast and simple imaging.

The last version of the foremost software WSxM includes the new Data Acquisition Wizard; this Data Acquisition Mode is meant to ease the measurements and allows obtaining a fast high-quality image. The Wizard is designed to measure in dynamic mode, and by a simple three-clicks process it allows you to easily obtain an image, in order to do so, it has a whole set of automatic adjustments, like:

- Complete Dynamic Tuning (Resonance Frequency Tuning, Oscillation Amplitude, etc.)

- Feedback Parameters (Set Point, P/I values, etc.)

- Scanning Parameters (Gains, Offset, Tilt, Image Autoscale, etc.)

- etc.

Moreover, at our webpage you will find a whole set of illustrative videos that explain how you can easily perform basic procedures like the laser alignment. The different users will find the following advantages:

Beginner/Non-technical users:

You will be able to obtain an image very easily, in a short time and in very simple three-click process. There is no need to have any AFM knowledge to get your own high quality images. The software is fully automated, being of special help for those just looking for topography measures.

Intermediate users:

This is a very useful tool if you want to improve your AFM knowledge, because it also offers an option with a guided process that shows you the different procedures and recommended parameters for each step. Since process is automatically configured, you can start to measure in a short time and, once you are measuring you can switch to Advanced Mode and modify the parameters you want to. This process will avoid you routinary processes that now are done automatically.

Expert users:

You can forget those routinary procedures that mean a waste of time, use the Wizard and switch to the advanced mode once it is measuring to personalize the parameters you desire, both Wizard and Advanced Mode are related allowing instant switching from one mode to the other. Use this mode to get new AFM users obtaining images fast, saving you time and efforts.

If you want to download this software, please visit our download webpage and install WSxM v5.0 Develop. Please remember that Data Acquisition Modes of WSxM v5.0 Develop only work by command of Dulcinea SPM controller manufactured by Nanotec Electronica.

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