Eagle Scan: New Ultra-fast Data Acquisition Mode of the famous software WSxM


This new application of the famous software WSxM, called Eagle Scan, offers ultra-fast imaging.

The last version of the foremost software WSxM includes the new Ultra-fast Data Acquisition Mode - Eagle Scan; Eagle Scan is meant to blast speed of the measurements and allows obtaining a fast high-quality image. This working mode is designed to allow high speed imaging. The communications between the DSP and the computer have been optimized for complete image transfers in both directions.

This image shows a Carbon Nanotube, has a size of 500x500 nm with a resolution of 256x256 pixels, with absolutely no image post-procesing, it was taken in less than 5 seconds.

Eagle Scan is compatible with most of the scanning modes of WSxM, but is recommended just when using high speed scanning parameters (under 10 seconds per image). To reduce the CPU work there are only 2 acquisition channels enabled and most of the user interface items are updated once per image instead of once per line.

Following video shows a Carbon nanotube, it is made out of 50 images with a resolution of 128x128 pixels/image, it shows real imaging speed, aprox. 1 image per second.

If you want to enjoy this application, install WSxM v5.0 Develop. Please remember that Data Acquisition Modes of WSxM v5.0 Develop only work by command of Dulcinea SPM controller manufactured by Nanotec Electronica.

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