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What version should I use?

WSxM v5.0 Develop 7.0 This version is in continuous development. You can use it if you want to take a look to some of the new features WSxM will have, but it has very little testing. If you want to keep informed about new developments in this version, please subscribe Nanotec Forum.

WSxM v4.0 Beta 7.0 This version has more features than WSxM 3.0, but it still needs some testing time before being recommended. This version is not compatible with C31 or C32 DSPs..

WSxM v3.1 The last finished and tested version of the WSxM Scanning Probe Microscopy program. We strongly recommend this version, so you should better use it if you don't want any feature of the offered in the others versions. This is the last version compatible with C31/C32 based systems..

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