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WSxM (Windows Scanning (where x = Force, Tunneling, Near Optical, ...) Microscope) is a powerful and user-friendly Windows application for Data Acquisition and Processing in Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM).

The goal of this FREE program is to provide a flexible tool that opens the door to the nanoscience world for all scientific and technical communities worldwide. The WSxM program allows for easy operation of scanning probe microscopes and provides new insights into the capabilities of the SPM technique.

The WSxM Scanning Probe Microscopy Software is divided into two well defined parts. The first is devoted to image rendering and data processing. Among other capabilities, the program allows the user to perform very general processes such as 3D rendering, pseudocolor image representation, Fourier and roughness analysis, data smoothing, cross section profiles... . In addition to that, more sophisticated operations including current vs voltage (I-V) curves normalization, Current Image Tunneling Spectroscopy (CITS) analysis, grain detection, ... . The program supports virtually every file format used in SPM, so it can be used to analyze off-line any data you might acquire from other SPM systems. The program is written to allow easy cut-and-paste of selected images into standard presentation software like Power Point. The WSxM program contains many innovative features suggested by SPM users world-wide.

The second part of WSxM uses a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to control a Nanotec SPM, providing flexible and powerful operation in real time. The user interface has been designed to take advantage of all the features commonly available in a Windows operating system: windows, toolbars, menus, dialog boxes, etc. The WSxM program allows the user to easily interact with any SxM microscope, taking advantage of all their features.

Ignacio Horcas, Nanotec´s Director of Software has talked with and answered s a few questions about Nanotec WSxM software. Click here if you want to read the full interview.

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