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Nanotec Electrónica Nanotec Electrónica develops Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPM) with the best quality and the latest technology in the field, providing both scientific and industrial communities easy access to the nanometer scale.

Nanotec Electrónica also designs and manufactures control systems for Scanning Probe Microscopes. In the software sector, we have developed the free WSxM software for data visualization and processing of SPM images, and distribute the SIESTA DFT software for first principle calculations.

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Publications using Nanotec equipment - Cementing proteins provide extra mechanical stabilization to viral cages
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Publications using Nanotec equipment - Interplay between the mechanics of bacteriophage fibers and the strength of virus-host links
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Publications using Nanotec equipment - Imaging Molecular Orbitals of PTCDA on Graphene on Pt(111): Electronic Structure by STM and First-Principles Calculations
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Publications using Nanotec equipment - Solvent-Induced Delamination of a Multifunctional Two Dimensional Coordination Polymer
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Product News - Get the SPM specially designed for you: new set of Nanotec Electronica SPMs
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Product News - Exclusive discount in SPMs and Control Units for R&D purposes
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Company News - News events confirmed in 2014
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